Thursday, 10 March 2016

An Entrepreneurial State of Mind: Alexander Motte

The skills of management, innovativation of thought and business development have always driven Alexander Motte’s career and continue to help him drive success at IronWeb today. Motte studied Quantitative Finance at Paris Dauphine University in Paris France and graduated with a Master’s degree in the subject in 2009. His original pursuits were in the finance world. Working for companies like HSBC and Natixis as a trader gave him the foundation for his career. After gaining practice with his business development skills through the finance industry, Alexander Motte was ready to try his hand at being an entrepreneur. So, in 2011, Alexander Motte founded TripUnion, a private online sales website for hotels. TripUnion gave him the opportunity to practice business development, sales analysis and e-commerce first hand and after a few other entrepreneurial endeavors, Alexander co-founded IronWeb. IronWeb has now developed to be the biggest European e-commerce group based on recurring business models.

Motte’s original interest in starting his own company came out of his passion for problem solving. Upon investigation, he decided that he would like to branch into a career involving his entrepreneurial state of mind. This mentality started to manifest over his financial career and eventually Alexander Motte quit the finance industry in order to launch his first e-commerce business, TripUnion. This was his first taste of business establishment and he found that it was the industry in which he would like to continue the rest of his career.