Thursday, 30 June 2016

Alexander Motte TripUnion to IronWeb

Starting with his education, Alexander Motte earned his degree in 2009 from Paris Dauphine University in Paris, France. His degree was a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance. This degree would give him the skills necessary to work successfully in the finance industry which at the time was the field of choice for his future. After graduating, he began his career as a trader. He continued this career path for several years after that and during this time, worked for multiple companies, including but not limited to, HSBC and Natixis. After developing his skills in finance, Alexander Motte began to crave change and challenge. He wanted to start to exploring other career options that gave him more freedom to think outside the box and take on new obstacles daily. Upon further research, he decided that he would like to branch into a career in the entrepreneurial sector. This started a new passion for Alexander Motte and he quit the finance industry and launched his first e-commerce business, TripUnion. TripUnion is a private sales website for hotels.

At TripUnion, he was able to practice and develop his business founding skills and after that he started a few other entrepreneurial endeavors as well. With each new endeavor, Alexander Motte gained new understanding and skills and eventually co-founded IronWeb in 2011. IronWeb is currently the biggest European e-commerce group based on recurring business model. Alexander Motte uses the skills he developed from his years in the finance industry and then years of practice through his entrepreneurial endeavors to co-found IronWeb and bring it to its current success.